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"I was surprised at how
much better I felt with only
one 5-minute session. I'd been having trouble with poor
circulation and hip pain
that was keeping me awake
at night. After one treatment,
I slept three nights in a row...pain free!".

— 72 Year-Old Vancouver Male

Vibration Demonstration


Experience the benefits of Vibration Training & Therapy!

With affordable and convenient 10-minute sessions, you can...

Vibration technology was initially developed to meet the unique needs of astronauts living in zero gravity environments. The absence of gravity and resistance causes a loss of muscle mass and bone density. Space researchers created a variety of exercise contraptions attempting to imitate gravity, and found that whole body vibration technology was successful at mimicking gravity with medium
frequency vibrations, and low and high amplitude force.

Hospital and rehabilitation clinic studies revealed shorter recovery times for joint and muscle injuries with the aid of whole body vibration. Women with osteoporosis built muscle strength and bone faster than with traditional weight bearing exercise. Because of past clinical studies, colleges and universities such as Oregon State University are conducting their own study on vibration therapy with regards to osteoporosis. Using vibration technology, scientists are documenting positive changes in bone density, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, stroke recovery, diabetes (to lower blood glucose), weight loss, and varicose veins. The use of whole body vibration has naturally expanded into athletics with great results. Athletes training with whole body vibration become stronger with more balance, speed, and endurance, and experience swifter recovery from fatigue.


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